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Jennifer Breitbach

I live in Milwaukee with my family and fur babies. Since childhood, I have had a deep passion for all things animal and plant. I still get excited every time I see a creature or get my hands on an exotic or seasonal bloom. For as long as I can remember, I have known that art was my true passion and I eventually found art in flowers. In addition to working with flowers, I love working with mixed media, drawing, painting, and taking pottery classes. I also love rock ‘n roll, craft beer, delicious food, jigsaw puzzles and traveling.

The Zinndahlia difference

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WUMFA WI Professional Division Winner

Floral workshops are a great & fun teambuilding activity
This group of floral professionals had a great time learning industry tips and tricks. Schedule your workshop today!

I am proud to have been named Wisconsin Professional Designer of the Year twice. I am passionate about helping to represent the future of our floral industry and am always eager to learn the most innovative techniques and trends. My favorite thing about volunteering and competition is the friendship and comradery I have been able to nurture with my industry peers. As a volunteer with the Wisconsin Upper Michigan Floral Association, I serve on both the convention committee and education committee. I enjoy giving my time to encourage my fellow florists and aspiring florists to push their boundaries and find similar inspiration and community as I have found over the years. My goal is to inspire people to realize their dreams and also to see our state represented nationally and around the world because Wisconsin Rocks!

I'm always happy to wear floral accessories!

Welcome to Zinndahlia Designs! I’m so excited you’re here. I founded this company in May 2022 with the goal of creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will elevate any space. My passion for finding a balance between life and work is reflected in every design I create. I absolutely love working on special events as well as being part of your team. Let me guide you on a journey through our designs and discover the Zinndahlia difference. I can’t wait to create something beautiful together!

In 2004, Jennifer fused her a lifelong artistic talent with florals and has never turned back. She has won several awards for her unique, custom floral designs including:

WI Professional Designer of the Year 2019 & 2022 

Young person of the year 2020

Professional Division Winner 2022. 

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Floral workshops are a great & fun teambuilding activity
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